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C. Lee

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West Point, GA based artist, by way of Atlanta, C. Lee comes unto the scene with an
aura and flare of a young, seasoned veteran. While continuing to channel-in on his
artistry and constantly showing growth, C. Lee is providing some of the hottest work to
the streets in multiple lanes. With ties to urban music’s, historic Dungeon Family, by way
of Bubba Sparxxx and Rico Wade, and New York’s Mogultree, Freebandz artist Tru Life,
he has soaked up knowledge that has helped push him forward mentally and artistically
early on. Being mentored by OGs in the game has allowed him to understand the ins
and outs of being an artist and a business man in the music world. Known for having a
dynamic yet fluid vocal style and a great melodic grasp, the artist’s music is very
distinctive amongst others. He has honed in on creating an ear-grabbing, “new age”
sound that contains an influence from trap music and urban hip-hop with crazy hops,
melodies and articulate metaphors. His art is full of life experiences and instances that
take place today within our society. The artist has provided the streets with multiple
singles, including tracks featuring his close friend Kalan.FrFr, LA rising artist, and his
childhood friend Yummy Pearl, Quality Control’s first female signed artist. He’s delivered
an EP titled “Back on CHNLSIX”, his debut mixtape “Perfect Storm”, and other tracks,
like his profound single “Block Luv”. He also was featured on Bubba Sparxxx’s last
album “Rapper From the Country”. C. Lee is now in the works on dropping hot, new
music and visuals for his fans and the streets. Bubba Sparxxx stated that, “He’s [C.Lee]
one of the chosen ones that just has it musically all around, with no lacking. Plus,
everything is there; the image, the sound, the versatility, the music, the personality, the
likeness, the authenticity, the brains and whatever else you’re looking for in an artist.”
With the flare and grit of a grinding individual, C. Lee is poised to set the industry on fire,
and blossom into a mogul.


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