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Diesel Slaughter


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Diesel Slaughter is a rising rapper, actor, writer, and activist, from the west side of Atlanta, GA. Born into of a family of musicians, Diesel spent the last few years cultivating his craft by turning his scars into lyrical bars that take his fans on a journey into the mind and heart of a prison survivor. Diesel Slaughter innate ability to to command any room he walks in and special energy is undeniable.  Coming home from a 7 year bid, for a crime he did not commit, the 27 year old has fast become a hot topic on the Atlanta music scene from performances across the city, pop up guest appearances, to even showcasing his talent as an actor. Diesel's grind to the top is supported by thousands of fans who have followed his journey since being released last year.  From sharing his art behind prison walls to now living his dreams,  Diesel paints his experiences as a must-told story in his music.

“My everyday life as Diesel Slaughter continues to go in a blossoming situation that leads me to excel each day. Getting notice by the right people and also having good communication skills help me socially connect with big networks. I call it being in the right place at the right time. Keeping positive energy. It keeps me at a good pace with my career as I also continue to record good quality music. Hard works pays off, so I stay consistent and determined to hit the goals i’ve set. I’ve been through enough to know where I want to see myself and that’s succeeding in the music business." - Diesel Slaughter


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