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Recording Studio with a synthesizer and


Support is all about empowerment and guidance in the right direction. Do you need real support? These are two of many core principles that Presidential Cartel Music protects when engaging and representing our clients. Founded by Jarontay "$tretch" Jones in 2018, Presidential Cartel Music has grown to be one of the top independent labels in the industry today. We focus our efforts on artist development, strategic navigation, and brand development, ensuring that our clients succeed in the music business. Confidence, work ethic, and effort are mandatory requirements at PCM. Working with Presidential Cartel Music, ensures the growth tools and building a solid foundation for a successful career in entertainment ultimately learning the dynamics that defines a prominent musician. Presidential Cartel Music will connect you to a network of other artists, producers, and certified music industry figures. Our obligation is to support and empower you to assist in reaching your full potential as an entertainer. The main goal for many artists is to sign to an established record label. With the structure, network, and genuine support that The Presidential Cartel provides for our clients, your objectives, goals, and achievements will always appear attainable. 

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